Official ESN Partners

Besides our own local cooperations with various businesses, stores, bars, et cetera, ESN Germany and ESN International also have a number of partners who offer special deals for international students. Some of them require ESNcards, some of them don’t. The following table is supposed to give you a quick overview:

National Partners (ESN Germany)

 Logo & Link Description & Benefits
a-o-hostel-logo A&O Hotels and Hostels
Product/Service: Hotel/Hostels
Benefits: 10% discount if ESNcard is presented at reception desk
ESNcard: Yes / No registration necessary
Product/Service: Car Sharing
Benefits:  Free registration (0€ instead of 29€) at semester start (2 months)
ESNcard: Yes / No registration necessary
eurosender-logo Eurosender
Product/Service: Mediation of transportation services
Benefits: 10% discount with voucher code (ESNGER)
ESNcard: No / No registration necessary
flixbus-logo FlixBus
Product/Service: Long-distance bus service
Benefits: 3€ print vouchers & 3€ online codes on (limited)
ESNcard: Yes (Codes), No (Print) / Registration necessary (only online codes)
Car rental: go out and have some fun When you have a busy study programme ahead, it sometimes seems like you’re only studying all the time. Why not take some time to relax once in a while? Of course graduating is an important goal in life, but studying gets a lot easier when you have a relaxed state of mind. So gather your friends, plan an awesome road trip and get away for a weekend. Or maybe two, be bold! And with the option of car rental, you don’t even have to worry about how to arrive at your desired destination… 15% off rental cars for ESN students When you’ve planned a weekend getaway, the following question will soon come up: how on earth do you get there? Does someone has a car available or do you choose a bus or train to get where you need to be? Don’t let transportation problems hold you back! offers you a great solution, for the right price: car rental. ESN Karlsruhe now has a contract with them. So if you’re a student and a member of ESN Karlsruhe, you can get 15% off every rental car you like. Just take your pick! Worldwide rental car supply If you check out the website, you’ll see that there are seriously a lot of pickup locations to choose from. With more than 30,000 destinations, your favourite destination is probably on the list too. Have you seen it yet? can offer you a great deal of rental cars, because they’re working together with over 800 sublime rental companies. If you’re interested in renting a car, make sure you get the best possible deal. Of course you already have a 15% discount. But if you book 6 weeks before the pickup date, prices are the lowest. Are you in for a fun and relaxed weekend getaway? HolidayCars
Product/Service: Car rentals
Benefits: 15% discount for ESN members and exchange students
ESNcard: No / No registration necessary
scanbalt-logo Scanbalt Experience
Product/Service: (Adventure) Trips
Benefits: Organized group travels in cooperation with local ESN sections
ESNcard: No / No registration necessary
studentmobile-logo Student Mobile
Product/Service: SIM cards from Ortel
Benefits: Free SIM cards with 7.50€ starting value
ESNcard: No / No registration necessary

International Partners

 Logo & Link Description & Benefits
studentuniverse-logo StudentUniverse
Product/Service: Mediation of flight tickets
Benefits: 20€ discount on the first booking via StudentUniverse
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
american-tourister-logo American Tourister
Product/Service: Suitcases and baggage accessories
Benefits: 20% discount on American Tourister products (online)
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
jnuine-logo Jnuine
Product/Service: Digital photo albums
Benefits: 20% discount on photo books
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
ultimate-ears-logo Ultimate Ears
Product/Service: Mobile speakers
Benefits: 35% discount (online)
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
the-economist-logo The Economist
Product/Service: Weekly news magazine
Benefits: Up to 72% discount on subscriptions
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
logitech-logo Logitech
Product/Service: Computer equipment (mouses, keyboards, …)
Benefits: 35% discount on products from Logitech e-shop
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
uniplaces-logo Uniplaces
Product/Service: Mediation of accommodation
Benefits: 25% discount on service fees
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
v2-logo-blue HotelsCombined
Product/Service: Mediation of hotels
Benefits: 10% discount on hotel booking via HotelsCombined
ESNcard: Yes / No registration necessary
Product/Service: Search engine for study programs
ESNcard: No / No registration necessary
generator-logo Generator Hostels
Product/Service: Hostels
Benefits: 10% discount on online bookings
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary
hostelling-international-logo Hostelling International
Product/Service: Hostels
Benefits: 10% discount on online bookings
ESNcard: Yes / Registration necessary

If it says “Registration necessary”, this means that you have to register your ESNcard online, which you can do here. More information can of course also be found on the official website of ESN Germany or the website of ESN International.

These information were last updated on: July 26, 2017